Saturday, June 7, 2008


(June 2, 2008) – New York, NY – Wilhelmina Artist Management, a division of Wilhelmina Models, announced today the formation of a new division aptly titled W7 – Wilhelmina 7. Seven of the top members of the LPGA Tour have signed exclusive representation agreements with Wilhelmina to seek out sponsorship and endorsement opportunities for the women as a whole package and individually.

This exciting opportunity was immediately accepted on the LPGA Tour. As such, the Wilhelmina 7 include: Minea Blomqvist, Sandra Gal, Anna Grzebien, Kim Hall, Johanna Head, Mikaela Parmlid, and Stacy Prammanasudh.

The concept: “W7” truly embodies the mission of Wilhelmina to provide exceptional service to its talent, while encompassing the company’s goal and vision of bold and dramatic marketing, advertising and sponsorship prospects for Wilhelmina’s corporate clients.

“We created this initiative to complete a void in the marketplace for beautiful and athletically talented female golfers,” states Wilhelmina Chairman Dieter Esch. “With only initial conversations to the corporate world, the reception is already tremendous for potential partnerships.”

The W7 includes only those women with the game, the beauty and the personality to create a major presence in women’s sports, both on and off the course. The ladies chosen range from newcomers such as Sandra Gal and Anna Grzebien to 8-year professional Johanna Head, as well as Stacy Prammanasudh who has amassed two career victories and was selected to represent the USA at the most recent Solheim Cup. Minea Blomqvist who competes on both the LPGA Tour as well as the Ladies European Tour (LET), was awarded the 2003 Rookie of the Year Award and has finished in the top 10 on the Order of Merit List twice as a member of the LET Tour. Other members of the Wilhelmina 7 team, Mikaela Parmlid and Kim Hall, started strong this season and are fully exempt status on the LPGA Tour for the 2008 season.

About Wilhelmina Artist Management
In 1998, as an innovator in the industry, Wilhelmina Models became the first fashion company to develop a specific division to exclusively represent premier talent in the worlds of music, sports and entertainment. Today, that division called Wilhelmina Artist Management is one of the industry's finest, with a roster that includes Fergie, Natasha Bedingfield, Ciara, Heather Graham, Amy Smart and Justin Chambers, among others.
Wilhelmina Artist Management creates, develops and manages celebrity-powered campaigns, product lines, private brand licensing, endorsements, sponsorships, talent appearances and corporate entertainment strategies.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Beyond Blogs

Three years ago our cover story showcased the phenomenon. A lot has changed since then
by Stephen Baker and Heather Green

May 22, 2008

In the frantic news biz, where stories go stale overnight, one of our old articles is behaving very strangely. Year after year it continues to draw swarms of online readers, more than holding its own against up-to-date fare. Oddly, while technology races ahead, our story remains frozen in time. It describes a world in which YouTube (GOOG) has yet to emerge from the garage and Twittering, today's microblogging rage, is left to the birds.
The year was 2005, and the story was "Blogs Will Change Your Business." It marked our plunge into the world of bottom-up media, of news as a "conversation." Many people at the time—including a good number at this magazine and throughout the business world—considered blogs to be a publishing tool for trivia, banality, venom, and baseless attacks. This was all true, the article conceded.
But in the helter-skelter of the blogosphere, we wrote, something important was taking place: In the 10 minutes it took to set up a blogging account, anyone with an Internet connection could become a global publisher. Some could become stars and gain power. That was already happening. In this new world, any business that hoped to "control" information—and that included just about everybody—was in for a wild ride. This promised a seismic shock in our own media world. No mystery there. But it also posed challenges for businesses in practically every realm. Every e-mail or memo could be blogged. Every employee, no matter what rank, could become a voice for the company, either publicly or cloaked, some gaining more power than the entire public relations department. "Your customers and rivals are figuring blogs out," we warned, adding: "Catch up...or catch you later."

How Healthy is our Game?

Amid recent reports that golf is losing players, facilities, and equipment sales, we commissioned some fresh research. The prognosis is not all bad, but there's still work to be done

By Matthew Rudy
Businessweek May 15, 2008

Hank Haney is most famous for his prominent role as Tiger Woods' teacher, but long before he started working with the world's No. 1 player—and charging $500 for an hour lesson—Haney was a shrewd golf businessman.

Starting with a ranch he bought from World War II hero and movie star Audie Murphy in 1991, Haney expanded that McKinney (Tex.) range into seven practice facilities and three golf courses across the state.

Seventeen years later, despite a struggling economy, the most famous athlete in the world is a professional golfer (and a $100million Nike Golf endorsee), PGA Tour purses are at all-time highs, the largest equipment manufacturers are reporting record sales, and industry groups are noting that the overall golf "economy"—including equipment sales, golf tourism, and golf course real estate development—has never been larger.

But many people affiliated with the golf industry aren't celebrating. A series of studies shows that rounds played are flat or declining. Television ratings for PGA Tour events have plateaued. Traditional hot spots for vacation golf activity such as Myrtle Beach and northern Michigan have seen a raft of course closures—either from a lack of play or because of the tough business credit climate. Even Haney's flagship golf ranch became a more enticing business proposition as a real estate play than it was as a driving range, and he sold to developers.

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Barney Adams New Book, “The Wow Factor,” Ready To Hit Shelves

PLANO, TEXAS—Barney Adams—who had three very different careers before transforming his tiny, floundering golf-equipment company into a 12-year “overnight” success story—has written his own book, “The Wow Factor: How I turned one great idea and my unbridled enthusiasm into a golf revolution.” New York City-based Skyhorse Publishing is publishing the book, which goes on sale June 1, 2008.
The refreshingly candid Adams tells it like it was in the humorous, self-effacing fashion that turned him into one of the most respected, well-liked executives in the golf business during the late 1990s. The upstate New York native provides readers with an in-depth, often light-hearted, look at the drive that enabled him to overcome countless hard lessons along the often-rocky road to his golf-equipment company’s ultimate success thanks to his revolutionary design and subsequent marketing of Adams Golf’s Tight Lies fairway wood.
This unique behind-the-scenes book is much more than just a 254-page biography of a fascinating, down-to-earth man and an insider’s look into the golf industry. “The Wow Factor” is, as Adams writes in the introduction, for people “looking to pick up an idea or two that would apply to a start-up or entrepreneurial environment, someone with some curiosity about golf and the equipment side of the industry or someone looking for a true ‘rags to some degree of success’ story with no punches pulled in the telling.
“First and foremost,” Adams adds, “this is a story of how one obsessed person started from nothing and built a successful company.”
Even someone with Barney “Barnyard” Adams’ insight and passion to succeed couldn’t have foreseen that his success in the business world would come as a golf-industry executive. The retired Adams Golf founder and chairman was a Corning Glass engineer for 10 years, a supermarket-industry commission equipment salesman for another decade and worked in the high tech sector of the Silicon Valley before landing in the golf industry. However, the golf biz, at least for a while, was a bed of thorns, not roses, for Adams.
Adams recounts his numerous continuous attempts to break into the golf industry, beginning in the early 1960s during his early days at Corning Glass, but none of the leading golf-equipment companies of the day would hire someone with no golf-industry experience. In the early 1970s, Adams met golf-equipment guru Dave Pelz, who, in 1982, offered Adams a job running Pelz Golf, whose new Featherlite golf clubs were predicted to change the game of golf.
Unfortunately, Pelz Golf went bankrupt after three years, and Adams felt like a failure. And even after he founded Adams Golf in 1987, the small business floundered in obscurity as a custom-club company until early 1995. That’s when Adams pulled out a yellow pad one day and sketched his design of the Tight Lies fairway wood. Wow. By 1998, Adams Golf’s sales skyrocketed to $85 million thanks to the Tight Lies, Adams Golf’s hugely successful infomercials and the company’s subsequent initial public offering. A dream finally became reality for Adams—who reveals he was broke or nearly broke most of his time in the golf business until the Tight Lies turned his and his company’s fortunes around. Adams handed over the company’s reins in 2002, but continues to seek challenges, including the writing of “The Wow Factor.” He has become involved in adventure fishing in exotic locales and last year lost 72 pounds, improving his health and his ability to enjoy life after golf.
“The reason I achieved success in the golf industry was passion,” Adams says today. “I have tremendous passion for everything I do. I’m average smart, but I have a lot of drive, probably to the point of being dumb because I don’t know when I’m beat.”
How did Adams ultimately achieve success in the golf industry?
“I was a complete failure when Pelz Golf went bankrupt,” Adams admits today. “I had invested money in the company, and I was virtually broke. The next step was the most illogical thing in the world. I stayed in the golf business and went out on my own, with no product and no money. But I loved the golf business and the passion kept me going. Until the Tight Lies, I couldn’t give our clubs away. We were an overnight success—after 12 years. In business, you have to learn from your failures because you fail so much.”
Adams borrowed $25,000 and, after taking whatever assets of Pelz Golf he couldn’t sell in bankruptcy (such as old tables, desks, fixtures, work benches, etc.), he founded Adams Golf in 1987. For nearly the first decade of Adams Golf’s existence, the company was essentially defunct and Adams himself was broke. To stay alive during that period, Adams designed a custom-fitting system and had a small Texas manufacturing shop in Richardson (a Dallas suburb), where the company had moved from Abilene, Texas.
Adams himself made the clubs, and, at 2 p.m. each day, would drive to Hank Haney’s Golf Ranch to perform fittings and work until 10 p.m. He finally hired someone to take his place so Adams could hit the road to perform custom-fitting sessions and demos. He couldn’t give the clubs away until he finally realized he wasn’t selling golf clubs or custom-fit golf clubs, he was selling better ball flight. That’s what prompted Adams’ revolutionary Tight Lies design, which gave golfers better ball flight.
The rest is history, and Adams, in his typical light-hearted style, says one of the nicest byproducts of his success was the ability to finally be able to afford to eat regularly while looking for new challenges.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

ALLGOLFTV Has New Creative/Production Director, Woody Robertson, Emmy Award Winning Producer/Director

ALLGOLFTV ( has signed a deal with multiple award winning producer/director, Woody Robertson, for future productions to be aired exclusively on ALLGOLFTV.

Woody Robertson is a self proclaimed “Golf Nut” and has worked with some of the biggest names in the entertainment industry. People such as Elton John, Reba McIntyre, and Johnny Cash. He has won multiple awards including 3 Emmys, 2 Golden Reel Awards, and even an Olympic Medal. He was the director for the opening and closing ceremonies for the Soccer competition of the 96 Olympic Games.

He has also produced and directed such works as Cirque de Soleil, Christopher Reeves Ford Motor Company Mobility Motoring program, and is currently under contract for Directing the Opening Shows for each of the NHL Hockey Playoff Games beginning next month.

“His participation in our company is a tremendous achievement for ALLGOLFTV and we cannot express how excited we are to have such a talent on our team!” states Eileen Luttrell, President of ALLGOLFTV.

Woody has also directed and produced the PGA Senior Tour (film) annual Honoree w/ Jack Nicklaus, Lee Trevino, Arnold Palmer, Chi-Chi Rodrigez, Gary Player, Sam Snead, former President George H. Bush, and Byron Nelson Lifetime Achievements in ABC Sports. You can see samples of his works at .

For information on ALLGOLFTV or to advertise your products or services, please contact Eileen Luttrell at or by phone at 916-949-0800.


ALLGOLFTV ( has just come to an agreement with David Dise of TOUR GOLF FITNESS ( ) to broadcast unique videos showcasing the TGF methods and solutions. Tour Golf Fitness is a golf program like no other.

TGF is a turn-key golf specific fitness program that is designed to provide golf and fitness clubs with a golf fitness solution designed for their members. The Tour Golf Fitness package is a combination of cardiovascular and golf specific training modules using progressive resistance to mimic exact movements used in golf.

The golf swing is so unique you can train a golfer so he can duplicate their exact swing adding power, flexibility and overall years of golf life. The videos are now available to view in our regular broadcast and also in the On Demand menu.

“This is exciting for ALLGOLFTV because not only do we have quality and entertaining useful content but we have been granted permission to broadcast new original content from TOUR GOLF FITNESS which will be coming very soon, according to Owner and President of TGF, David Dise. This is right in line with the overall vision and direction that ALLGOLFTV is headed towards” said Eileen Luttrell, President and CEO of ALLGOLFTV.

**ALLGOLFTV is currently running offering a promotion good through May 31, 2008 to broadcast select video content, advertisements, and banner ads for FREE. Please contact us via email at for more details.**

Wild World of Sports coming to ALLGOLFTV

Another exciting development for ALLGOLFTV ( this week involves the talents of Howdy Letzring, the Founder and Chairman of the Wild World of Sports and owner of .

Howdy Letzring has been filming Corporate Golf events for 20 years and provides a wonderful and valuable service to the corporations that utilize his services. Not only does he create an entertaining and memorable showcase of the events, but he helps to provide a valuable marketing tool for his Clients and now some of those productions will be available for viewing on ALLGOLFTV.

WWS has filmed events for over 400 companies within the Fortune 500. The company has been the subject of feature stories on the "Today Show" and "Good Morning America," and has received editorial coverage in such notable publications as Business Week, USA Today, The Wall Street Journal, plus Sports Illustrated and Advertising Age magazine. Howdy Letzring has proven to be Corporate America's most welcome "infiltrator." The Buick Invitational, Ford Championship at Doral, Honda Classic, BellSouth Classic, The Heritage ,The Shell Houston Open, The Legends of Golf, The Wachovia Championships, ESPY Celebrity Golf Classic, The First Tee Open @ Pebble Beach, The Charles Schwab Champions Cup, The PGA Tour Championship, are several professional tournaments WWS has covered in 2004-2005.

ALLGOLFTV is excited to be working with the talented Howdy Letzring now and for future Original productions exclusive to ALLGOLFTV.


ALLGOLFTV is an Interactive Internet TV Station devoted to the WORLD of Golf. AGTV incorporates TV quality passive video streaming with a host of Interactive features such as LIVE Chat, On Demand Programming, Pay Per View, Personal Profiles, and Links to current News and our Sponsors. In addition, AGTV will be implementing a virtual Shopping Cart and access to Digital Books within the next few weeks. For information on working with ALLGOLFTV, please email Eileen Luttrell at