Friday, May 9, 2008

ALLGOLFTV is the leader in Interactive Golf TV programming consisting of everything from Golf Instruction and Equipment Demonstrations to Corporate To

ALLGOLFTV ( is now featuring a variety of videos and advertisements all being streamed in a Continuous 24 Hour Loop and available via On Demand from anywhere in the World. Videos available for viewing on our station include: Hilary Bruggen Fordwich explaining Business Golf and the value of incorporating that into your professional life. There are also several clips of interviews that Hilary has conducted with people such as Gary Player and Jack Nicklaus. Howdy Letzring’s Wild World of Sports (wवव.प्रोंतौर.कॉम) which showcases Corporate Golf Tournaments and has proven to be a very well received and valuable service to the Corporations that get involved. Footage produced by Howdy for the Jimmy V Celebrity Golf Classic is available in ALLGOLFTV’s On Demand menu. Interviews with Golf professionals such as Mike Adams, a top 20 teaching professional who wrote top rated books like, “Total Golf” and “Play Better Golf” and Golf Product Inventors like Marcus Curry of Reactor Sports and Joe Pagano, inventor of the Power Stance Trainer, both of which were contestants on Fore Inventors Only. Golf Instruction Clips from teaching professional Jeff Ritter. ALLGOLFTV and Jeff Ritter have made several of Jeff’s instructional videos available throughout the continuous loop as well as in the On Demand menu. Jeff Ritter provides several videos focusing on everything from Reading the Green to Pendulum Putting. California Golf is one of the best ways to get a good feel for some of the best courses in California. Sponsored by United Airlines, the video provides video tours and information on beautiful courses throughout the Golden State. There are also several video clips on various Golf products including Bridgeburg Golf which is an innovative invention that puts a whole new spin on the golf cart, The Video Caddy, a great tool for being able to film your game from the golf cart, Red Eye Golf’s Laser Putter is a wonderful way to effectively and accurately practice your short game, plus clips from KZG, Teach N Towel, The Golf Cradle, and several others. ALLGOLFTV is expected to add several new videos, commercials, and original shows throughout 2008 in addition to Live Coverage of the NGL (National Golf League) Events and Live Swing Analysis for our viewers by teaching pros such as Mike Adams. The ALLGOLFTV Interactive Platform, allows the company to expand into many Virtual Video Services that can be beneficial to both the Global Golf Community and Global Golf Industry.

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